Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer School and the fall!

Well - summer school is over!  16 days of reading, reading, reading.  I did use several WBT strategies, but in 16 days there was no way to implement ALL of it.  I used most of the big 7.  I used gestures when I remembered.  I realize that will be my biggest challenge this school year.  That, and teaching in shorter amount of chunks.  I'm planning on showing my kids some of the WBT videos - if THEY don't know what it looks like in action, how can I expect them to produce what I'm thinking about?

I began setting up my class yesterday.  I only spent an hour so I just really decided on the room layout.  With 30 kids it's a challenge to find a seating arrangement that works.  I tried rows but they didn't fit and I didn't want to do groups (everyone does groups, I want to be a little different, plus, I do think it's distracting for kids who have a difficult time focusing always being with a group!)  I tried a U but there are too many desks.  I ended up looking in my Tools for Teaching book by Fred Jones and found "the double E" which works well with double desks like I have.  It's like a square U with desks in between, with the desks being the 'arms' on the E.  

I'm still trying to figure out which bulletin boards will be my power pix. I want them to be a board I can easily access since I will be adding to it frequently.  I have one HUGE bulletin board but it's on top of the cubbies so I'd have to climb on the counter.  It's a possibility though...

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