Saturday, July 2, 2011

And I'm Back!

School ended in mid June here in Oregon.  My parents went out of town, thus leaving me to dog, house, and grandma-sit for nine days.  During this time I wasn’t able to get back into my school because I was TOO busy!  Now, I have been visiting my new 3rd grade classroom an hour or so a day, unpacking boxes.
For those of you who may remember, I taught kindergarten the past two years and I’m MOVIN’ ON UP…to third grade!  I’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate my class.  Well, I figured it out.  It will be like HOME!  I’m going for an Americana type atmosphere so kids feel comfortable in their learning environment.
I haven’t made any real progress with WBT, other than THINKING about my bulletin boards, my timers, the power pix, and so forth, but I’m just happy my new room is no longer stacked sky high in boxes.
The school year will start in early September.  However, I will teach 1st grade for a month during summer school starting in a couple of weeks.  I will definitely use the 1st steps of WBT during summer school, and the routines and procedures.  I look forward to next week when I can sit down and really plan and prep how WBT will look for a month of summer school as well as how I will begin my year as a 3rd grade teacher.  Busy summer ahead….


  1. I taught 3rd for my first five years. It will be so different from kindergarten! I'm sure you will be pleased with how independent they can be.

    Good luck!

    A Whole Brain Teacher

  2. I know, I'm moving from third to first and plan to use the WBT Model Classroom, that's up on the WBT homepage now to help me plan and get arranged for next year. I agree with Allison - you'll notice the increased independence and ability to think and work abstractly with your new third graders! If you get into the blended learning and technology use at your school, you'll also see a difference in how those can be used with 8 and 9-year olds. It's interesting, exciting, and challenging to move from one grade level to another and it looks like there are quite a few of us who are doing that this next year! I can't wait to hear how it all works out for you in the coming year!