Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buh-bye Kindergarten - HELLO 3rd grade!

We found out our teaching assignments for next year.  I have been asking to get out of kindergarten and it happened!  There will be a lot of changes at my school and I'm so excited to be with a group of 3rd graders when I begin implementing WBT from day 1.  I know they will THRIVE on it.  I have a LOT to do this summer to prepare.  Can't wait!


  1. Congratulations on your move out! :) I found out near fourth quarter that it looked like we wouldn't have the numbers for me (the newest teacher) to stay, so I was moved down a grade level. I'm looking forward to WBT being a scaffold for the move and, as you said, starting our right from the start with implementing the WBT techniques from that big back pocket they give us!

  2. Best wishes. Third graders are great. I think you will enjoy them. I have taught second for over 10 years and have often thought that third grade would be a perfect grade for implementing WBT techniques. In second, you have to do a lot of adapting. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Welcome to 3rd grade! My third graders picked up Class-Yes almost instantly. I'm looking forward to beginning WBT from the beginning of the year with my next group.