Friday, May 6, 2011

A day off!

We get one personal day a year and if we don't use it, we lose it!  I am taking today off and starting my day off with looking through some WBT blogs and trying not to worry about how my class is doing.  My kids have a LOT of energy and WBT has helped to channel the energy and deal with the behavior issues.  However, I AM a bit concerned how they will do when they lose the structure.  I mean, even with me, WITH the structure, come the end of the day things can sometimes spiral.  I have promised them extra points on our scoreboard if they do well and gave the sub permission to send home weekend homework if they do not do well.  I left her my class/yes instructions but who knows if she'll use them.  All of my regular subs were booked so I have no idea who I'll be getting.

Well - off to clean the house!

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  1. How did your class do with the sub on Friday? Do you know if she used any of your WBT tools?