Saturday, May 21, 2011


I received some encouraging and supportive responses to my last post.  It is so nice to feel part of a team.  THANK YOU!

To update - things went UP hill after that post.  I went to school with a postive mind set and gave my kids a hug as they walked into the room.  Instead of having time outs where the class puts their head on their desks for a minute in complete silence, I had the class repeat just ONE rule, whichever the class as a whole was breaking, and I had them practice it perfectly - no half hearted hand raising or mumbling.  I really think it worked.

My scoreboard reward was sitting with the kids at lunch.  Normally I eat in the staff room and we have lunch room monitors.  I sat in the cafeteria with the kids and they LOVED it - and of course, so did I.  Next week I will play at recess with them if they win.  Can't wait for them to win so I can play with them. =)

Thanks again, WBT friends!


  1. Eating in the cafeteria with them! What a great reward. My class would love that too!

  2. Megan this is awesome! And the practicing the rule to perfection...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!! Way to go girl! It just takes practice practice practice for both student and teacher! Watch out WBTeers....we have a WBT expert coming soon! :) Keep it up girl!

  3. That is AWESOME! So glad things got on track