Sunday, May 1, 2011

Music and songs

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to keep the kids engaged. I came across WBT expert, Deb W's video for doubles. The video is great to watch for class rules too. My kids are all engaged when we do the days of the week song and our alphabet song. Adding more songs can help keep kids more engaged AND retain what they learn. We also do a money song and that's how the kids remember the value of the coins. When I assess they inevitably end up singing me that song when I ask them the value of any given coin.
I found a website that offers free mp3 downloads. I have not tried accessing it from school - I'm hoping it's not a blocked site! You can create playlists and everything. I have created an instrumental play list of several popular songs - this way I can enjoy music I like, the kids can listen to it (not having to worry about lyrics) and they are hearing different instruments. I plan on playing these songs when they come in first thing in the morning. I am also going to create a pop playlist and they can earn a song as a scoreboard reward. The mp3 site is

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