Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had a para professional in my room yesterday. She pulled me aside as kids were packing up to go home and told me that she would never want to teach kindergarten, but if she could teach it the way I teach it she would definitely teach the little ones. She remarked on how much FUN they were having. That's what I LOVE about WBT, is the fun that is built in to the management and structure of the class.
The challenges I'm facing this week include assistants who I adore and I'm so thankful for, but I feel like there are "too many cooks in the kitchen". And the grownups are telling on each OTHER! Yikes. I'll have to implement WBT with them too. :)


  1. Hey Megan, here is an online timer for you:
    I love this one because it has different sounds that you can choose from.
    I am looking forward to reading about your adventures and hopefully sharing with you about WBT.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much - I'm excited to try the timer tomorrow. Tell your teacher friends about my blog and of course the WBT site if you haven't already. What grade do you teach?