Saturday, April 23, 2011

To be or not to be (...yet)

Last week I found out that there is such a thing as WBT interns. If I wasn't giddy enough about WBT, I find out this juicy piece of news! Within seconds, I emailed WBT founder, Chris Biffle and he tells me to record myself. THe next day I'm talking to our reading coach, trying to figure out about permission to upload videos as well as private video sites I can upload a video to so that Mr. Biffle could view my work without sharing it with the world.
A few days later I am still excited but I have calmed myself down and come to a conclusion. I have only been WBT for ONE month. I am not ready to be an intern. I'd like experience starting WBT at the start of a school year. I'd like to become more of an expert. In the mean time I will blog, surf the WBT website, and hopefully make it to a conference this summer, depending on dates and locations. I will be teaching summer school either 4 or 8 weeks so I will be very busy! One of the MANY things my dad has taught me is PATIENCE. If I were to rush into being a WBT intern I may end up being stressed rather than enjoying it as much as I know I will in a year. Looking forward to ending this school year and studying all summer long to prepare for an entire school year of WBT.

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