Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love/hate relationship with WBT some days

Okay...most days it's a love relationship, but on the nights I go to bed at 11pm because I am perusing the forums or deciding what aspects of WBT I will implement next...that's when my love for wbt can take a turn...actually the turn for the worst is taken at 5:30 am when my alarm goes off. I suppose I am LUCKY that I am EXCITED enough to be infatuated with teaching and teaching strategies as well as LUCKY enough that my 7 month old even lets me sleep at all. =)

What I determined is that after about 5 weeks of WBT I am ready to change the scoreboard for the month of May. I'm thinking roses and weeds. Not exactly sure what I'll have them say instead of 'oh yea' and "aaaawwww". Any suggestions? Maybe "smells nice" and "pee-u!"?
Right now I carry a happy and sad face around my neck on a necklace with a timer. I gotta say - I'd be lost without this necklace - I use it for hallway behavior, I time the class for the scoreboard, and I even time individuals who take long in the bathroom. I think a sandtimer would be a good idea too. I bet there is even an online sand timer I could project onto our elmo...
I think you guys just witnessed a teacher megan thought path there! That's how I think. =) Now I'm off to google 'sand timer'.



  2. I like the idea of a happy/frownie face on a necklace....I'm going to make myself one. Right now I'm using a happy face in a pool, and we say"Cowabunga". I say have a 1 second pool party..or something like that. For the frownie side, we have "Wipe Out".

  3. I love the idea of the sand timer and using the points in the hallway! I need to start this! I have been changing up my "Scoreboard themes" alot recently. My students love Pirate Day, Hawaii Day ", Chinese Day, and Indian day! Since these are all things we teach, they find it interesting to change and to see what theme is written on the board each day now.Plus, they are CRAZY with testing and summer coming!

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